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Kristian Sletten Photo

BfR training is very interesting from a sports physiological point of view. It tends to induce large performance effects with often less volume and intensity than regular strength and endurance training. To me, this training setup is obvious to try out if you want to enhance your physical performance.

Kristian Sletten
Sports Physiologist - Practising Data Driven Performance Enhancement


Thorbjørn Black Photo

My experience with this type of training is that during a rehabilitation process I can keep most of my muscle mass whilst training with lower weights, and because of the low weights the stress on the joints is also minimised.

Thorbjørn Black
First Lieutenant and Head Coach in Military Physical Training  


Marc Image

My workouts the last years have been much of the same, but now with BfR Pro I feel the pump and muscle tension on a whole other level. I’m a FAN!

Marc Skovsbøg
Certified Personal Trainer since 2007 and Competing Athlete since 2011


Tim Kring

My experience with occlusion training is really good. As an Olympic weightlifter, you often have big loads on the body. By using occlusion in assistance exercises, I can train with less load, limiting the stress on the muscles and joints. At the same time, I gain strength and keep the same muscle mass.

Tim Kring
Danish and Nordic champion in weightlifting

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