Fat Gripz

What are the Fat Gripz

Training with a thick bar is one of the most effective ways to build muscular strength. BfR Professional now offers the latest alternative to expensive specialty bars: the original Fat Gripz. These blue, non-slip rubber grips are a user-friendly exercise tool, which can be latched on to almost any barbell or dumbbell, no matter where you decide to do your workout.

What can the Fat Gripz do for you

Basically, Fat Gripz work by increasing the diameter of the bar, and this enables you to up your arm building to extreme heights. The main reason is that using thicker handles leads to more muscle activation in your hands, arms and upper body. It is definitely no coincidence that professional athletes and Special Forces soldiers are all recommending this product.

And here is the best part: If you combine Fat Gripz with our BfR Pro ARMS straps, you have got yourself a match made in heaven. Be prepared for the burn, though!

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