New Partnership: Find BfR Exercises In New Fitness App


We are very happy to announce our latest partnership with another Danish fitness startup Moaching!

Besides having developed a great fitness app which can now be downloaded for free on the App Store, then the founders are also from our home town of Aarhus – extra bonus points there, of course. 😉

How Can You Benefit From This Partnership?

All you need to do is download the Moaching app which is simple and easy to do and you will have access to hundreds of exercises with both written and video instructions.

Among these exercises, you will find more than one hundred exercises including videos where products from BfR Professional is being used to perform blood flow restriction (BFR) training.

Simply type in the search field “BfR” or “okklusionstræning” in Danish and you will find all the BfR videos. Afterwards, you can then pick and choose which of the exercises you would like to add to your training program. Easy and simple to use!

Together with Moaching, we will continuously update the platform with more exercises and inspiration for you to enjoy with our products making it a one-stop platform for you to find inspiration for your next workout. 😊

If you're looking for a few tips before getting started with BFR training or occlusion training as it is also popularly called then check out this blog post. 

In Moaching’s own words this is what their new awesome app can offer you.

What Is Moaching?

Moaching is both an application for exercisers, as well as a website that consists of a tool for specialists, such as personal trainers and dieticians.

Moaching offers a large training catalog, with thousands of exercises that are constantly updated. Here you can search for specific muscle groups, read about different exercises and see related videos for correct execution.

In here you will also find lots of exercises where BfR Professional equipment is used. Training programs are customizable, so you can create exercise programs with the exercises you want.

The application’s food catalogue contains thousands of foods/ingredients where you can easily find and enter what you have consumed during the day. From here, the calorie counter does the rest of the work!

The calorie counter displays your recommended daily intake based on your current goals, and from there you can follow your progress to ensure you reach your goal.

Moaching creates the ultimate overview of your progress to make your goals more manageable.

Note: At the time of writing, Moaching is only available for iOS but Android will soon follow along with other languages.

Visit our webshop here to get your own BfR bands, wrist wraps or leather lifting straps for your next workout. 

All the best,

Lars & Martin
Team BfR Professional

Lars Thorn
Lars Thorn


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