Why Is The GluteBuilder So Popular?

The GluteBuilder - How does it work and what does it do?

Have you ever been wondering why the GluteBuilder is such a popular tool? Or how it even works? Well, with a new BfR Pro family member soon to arrive, we thought about sharing the knowledge with you.

The GluteBuilder is an amazing tool for optimizing your leg workout and building on your glutes. Besides that, it also helps you to improve your technique in lower body workout.

 So who is glute training appropriate for?

  • For running. The gluteal muscles is one of the power muscles for running.
  • For a knee injury or knee related problems. It protects the knee when your leg is extended. 
  • For people who struggle with pelvic girdle and femur stability.

Maybe you are one of those people who hasn't been focusing too much on your glutes. So what is the the signs of having weak glutes? 

Knee Pain

Faulty mechanics

Anterior knee shift (knees coming forward):

    • Anterior knee shift (knees coming forward
    • Lack of hip hinge
    • Difficulty pushing knees out
    • Knee valgus (knees collapsing inward

Lack of soreness after training legs

Weak ankles and feet

    • Excessive pronation during running or squatting

Tight hip flexors

    • Muscular imbalance

Hip drop

If you want to read more about glute training and the benefits of it, you should check out this link from Google Scholar.
There is a large number of exercises you can perform with your GluteBuilder. As an example, you can place it over your knees while doing squats. If you want to see more exercises with the GluteBuilder, we have a video on our YouTube channel with 18 exercises in one minute. You can click the video down below.


Remember; you can use your GluteBuilder in the gym or at home for a quick workout. That's entirely up to you. Besides that, the GluteBuilder is an amazing travelling companion. Easy to pack and doesn't take any room in your suitcase or backpack. 

BfR Professional wishes you a great weekend! 

Lars Thorn
Lars Thorn


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