The story of BfR Professional

It all began with a pair of sleeve holders. On a cold and ordinary February afternoon in 2014, Martin showed up for the usual gym workout wearing a pair of black sleeve holders on his upper arms.

“What’s going on? You look like an idiot!” Lars commented. But his curiosity was piqued.

Humble beginnings

Back then we had no idea that this would be the beginning of year-long journey resulting in the two of us becoming the young founders of BfR Professional. It turned out that day that Martin had just read an article about a revolutionary new training method called blood flow restriction (BFR) training. Something which would allow you to work out faster, more efficiently and with less risk of injury.

With both +10 years of personal experience with fitness, we instantly knew that we had to look into this.

After some research, we learned that the market did not really offer any (affordable) gear for BFR training yet. Instead, people had to make do with various elastics, knee supports and other home-made contraptions. That was when we started thinking that here was really a problem demanding a solution. By February 2017, BfR Professional finally became a reality.

However, that was preceded by years of meticulous product testing and development. The very first set of BfR straps was made by Martin’s loving aunt. Humble beginnings indeed!

Then we moved on to have students from the local production college in Aarhus manufacture our straps. And finally – after lots of meetings, e-mails and a trip abroad – we settled on foreign production for our customised BFR training products. An office in Aarhus, Denmark, a website and a couple of interns soon followed.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our mission

At BfR Professional, we want you to reach your physical goals whatever they might be in the fastest and most efficient way possible by offering you a customised and affordable product for blood flow restriction training.

We see the scientifically proven gains of BFR training as a natural alternative to traditional heavy weight training. But it is also as a complementary method of staying physically active for people across all ages and current physical shape. We think that the many gains of BFR training should be for everyone.

Want to reach out?

We are still a young company and welcome feedback and questions of all sorts. After all, we have created these products to create more value for you. So please hit us up either by sending us an e-mail in English or Danish at or through one of the social media icons below. 

We simply could not do this without you, so please help us grow the BfR family by sharing your personal experiences and success stories with our products on our social media. Either by giving us a review or tagging us.

We look forward to providing you with tons of value and taking your workouts to the next level!

To your success,

Lars and Martin

Team BfR Professional