BfR Pro ARMS + Workout Program ARMS

BfR Pro ARMS is the new premium straps customized for blood flow restriction (BFR) training by BfR Professional. 

Challenge your current training routine and boost your physical shape by using this new and scientifically proven training method to get stronger and grow muscles in a shorter time.

Multiple international studies have proven BFR training to help build muscles similarly or faster than traditional heavy training using only 20-50% of your 1 repetition maximum, which means you will put less pressure on your joints, ligaments, etc. potentially avoiding injuries. 

The clean design and four different sizes makes the product more customized for the individual abandoning the mentality of "one size fits all". The 3 cm wide elastic anti-slip band is specially designed to not annoy or put pressure on the working muscles during your workout, which is often the case with other products in the market with a size of 5+ cm in width.

The easy and durable velcro close makes the straps smooth to apply and adjust the pressure according to your preference - check our 4 tips on finding the right pressure on our blog. 

Tip: After receiving the straps do a couple of easy pulls in the elastic band before your first workout to warm up the elastic material.  

Materials: Custom made elastic band from 50% polyester and 50% latex combined with genuine black leather. The straps are also suitable for use in water. 

Guiding size guide (circumference): 

Small:              25-28 cm

Medium:          28-32 cm

Large:              32-36 cm

X-Large:          36-42 cm

Remember to chose the right size by following the instruction video below and see the size guide. If in doubt you are more than welcome to contact us on email or Facebook chat


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