MORE-REP 18” Wrist Wrap White

The MORE-REP 18” Wrist Wraps will provide you with additional wrist support during all lifts. Wrist wraps from BfR Professional is a gym essential for all fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and powerlifters who wants to take their training to the next level.    

Product details: 

  • Extra support provided by the extra length of this wrist wrap. 
  • Soft material ensures a comfortable fit.  
  • Strong Velcro fastening for easy and quick adjustment. 
  • Extra strong thumb loop for quick fastening. 
  • Reinforced stitching for maximum longevity.  
  • Quality: Blend of cotton, polyester and elastic.  
  • Size: Adjustable (One-Size), length 45 cm/18 inch, width 8 cm 

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Type: Wrist Wrap

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