BfR GluteBuilder

The GluteBuilder elastic band is created to help you improve your technique in basically all leg exercises focusing on your glutes. Using the GluteBuilder is an incredibly simple yet efficient way to optimize your training and can be used in any setting.

Some of us likes to workout at home or go to the gym, while others enjoy training outside. No matter what you prefer, then the BfR GluteBuilder (often referred to as the booty builder) can fit into your pocket and will maximize the output of your efforts. 

The BfR GluteBuilder comes in two different sizes:

- Small

- Medium 

The right size depends on your current physical shape and physical size. In case you are just starting out then the medium size is most likely the best choice, while size small is more suited for a more trained person; however, if you just want more resistance in your workouts building those glutes and thighs then small can absolutely be right for you too.   

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