BfR Pro GluteBuilder

What is the BfR Pro GluteBuilder

A glute builder (often referred to as a booty builder) is an elastic band made from 70% polyester cotton and 30% latex. These materials ensure a comfortable fit. It helps you improve your technique in basically all leg exercises focusing on your glutes. So, if you are looking for firmer thighs and backside, this is the tool for you.

What can the GluteBuilder do for you

The BfR Pro GluteBuilder is an unbelievably simple yet efficient way to optimise your leg workout – no matter your current physical shape. Since literally all you need is the GluteBuilder and your own body, it can be used in any setting. At the gym, at home or on the go; it fits into your pocket, so it is entirely up to you.

If you combine the GluteBuilder with our BfR Pro LEGS, you have got yourself a truly powerful kit for leg workout.

Size guide

The BfR Pro GluteBuilder comes in two sizes:

Small:           66 cm (its circumference unstretched)

Medium:       76 cm (its circumference unstretched)

Picking the right size is pretty much up to you: It depends on your current physical shape, what exercises you plan on doing with the GluteBuilder and the level of resistance you want.

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