Who We Are and How We Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Martin and Lars from BfR Professional laughing it out.

Who we are and how we can help you reach your goals

In this short video pitch, the team behind BfR Professional explains in Danish who we are and what our mission is. (English translation written out below).

Often people think that blood flow restriction (BFR) training is only meant to be done by hardcore bodybuilders and fitness athletes, but that's far from the truth.

BFR training also enables people who aren't comfortable with or able to do heavy lifting to still obtain the same level of hypertrophy (muscle growth) as with traditional high-load workouts. 

For example, it's extremely effective for the purpose of rehabilitation and injury prevention for persons of all ages (+18). Many women also enjoy using occlusion straps to build more strength and firmness in thighs and bottocks.  

The growing popularity and use of BFR (or occlusion training, as it is also called) across the world is undeniable; however, we still come across many people who've never heard about this amazing training method. 

Here at BfR Professional, we want to move your physique from A to B with our customised products as fast as possible in the most effective, gentle way by the use of occlusion training. This trending workout form is based on an old Japanese training method named “kaatsu" which means “increased pressure”.

Therefore, we'll be releasing more inspiration and valuable insights over the next months here on our blog as well as on our FacebookInstagram and YouTube channel

Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for our inspirational newsletter (which often comes with special offers and discounts) in order to not miss out on anything from our world. 

Translation of the video is done in English below - just scroll down a bit. 

BfR Professional - Bliv mere fit på kortere tid med os from STUDENTERVÆKSTHUS AARHUS on Vimeo.


We are BfR Professional and have a question for you.

Did you know that if you strap our products onto your arms or legs, you can train faster and more effectively?

Are you tired of the never-ending training sessions and heavy weights or are you struggling with injuries as we've done ourselves for the past many years? Or do you just need a great alternative to your current training routine? Then we have the solution for you.

We want to move your physique from A to B as fast as possible in the most effective and gentle way by the use of occlusion training which is based on an old Japanese training method named “kaatsu”, which by the way means “increased pressure”.

It is simple and intelligent training for all so if you desire faster and more effective training sessions at home, while travelling or in the gym, then visit our website at www.bfrpro.com

To your success, 

Team BfR professional



Lars Thorn
Lars Thorn


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