Kick-Starting a Startup Success

Kick-Starting a Startup Success

The idea behind BfR Professional all began more than two years back when one of our co-founders Martin first heard about the concept of blood flow restriction training and how it has the potential to revolutionize the way people do fitness today.

He enthusiastically shared this knowledge with his longtime friend Lars, who would later become the other co-founder, and thus the seeds of what would eventually become BfR PRO were sown.

The scientifically proven training method of blood flow restriction (BFR) has been rather extensively researched and especially within the recent decade. The thought of training with lower weights, while still gaining significant muscle strength and growth, is appealing to many of us.

However, we became increasingly frustrated about not being able to find any customized equipment for this new training method, so we decided to create our own product. 

After many months of product development, tests, and redesign, we are now ready to introduce and share with you the first generation of our blood flow restriction gear. The product is named ARMS by BfR Professional, which is essentially a custom-made elastic anti-slip band designed to be used on your arms and calves for blood flow restriction training, which is also popularly known as occlusion training.

ARMS will come in four different sizes suitable for more or less everyone who wants to take on this new and upcoming way of training to complement their existing workout routine. Furthermore, we are already now planning to introduce the LEGS version specifically designed for blood flow restriction training, so stay tuned here on our blog and social media.

We will be launching our product and opening for sales this coming October through an online campaign using the world’s largest crowdfunding platform: Naturally, we will be posting and keeping you updated about our progress and details concerning the campaign continuously and urge you to stay tuned if this new and scientifically proven training method is something which you would like to try out for yourself. Obviously, we would love your support on

After all this time, we are more than keen to share our knowledge and our products with the world. We promise that we will aim to give all the guidance necessary both here on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook, where we will be talking about not only how our specific product can help you in connection with blood flow restriction training and reaching your physical goals, but also more generally how blood flow restriction training can benefit you. We simply want you to train smarter and better.

Take it to the next level with,

Lars & Martin

The BfR Pro Team

Lars Thorn
Lars Thorn


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