BfR Pro LEGS + FREE BfR E-book


What are the BfR Pro LEGS

BfR Pro LEGS are your new premium straps customised for blood flow restriction (BFR) training on your lower extremities, so you can get your thighs and calves up to speed. The product is made from 70% polyester cotton and 30% latex.

What can the BfR Pro LEGS straps do for you

By strapping this pair of straps on to your thighs, you gain three advantages compared to traditional training: You will boost the natural muscle growth of your body; you will be able to complete your workout in just 10-15 minutes; and you can do so with much lighter weight. All of this means that you will not strain your joints, tendons and ligaments – without having to compromise when it comes to output.

The name for this type of training is blood flow restriction training, and it is for everyone. Including you who may be going through rehabilitation. For more details on the science behind BFR training, check out our description here.

We decided to design this product using no form of plastic or metal buckle in order to avoid any discomfort during your workout, which you will often experience with other available products in the market.

Combining the straps with some of our other products will only enhance their effect.

The straps come with a free e-book which includes inspirational BFR training protocols for calves/thigh training and information about BFR training in general.

Size guide

The BfR Pro LEGS are a one-size product which will fit anyone with a thigh circumference of 40-75 cm.

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