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It is our joy to announce that Aktiv Træning has tested our BfR Pro ARMS, which is our customized straps for blood flow restriction (BFR) training and put together a product review for all their thousands of readers.  

Aktiv Træning is a Danish magazine known for guiding readers to live a healthy lifestyle with everything from fitness and running to proper dieting and sleep in order to optimize your physical shape. At the same time, Aktiv Træning aims to test and review the best products on the market and in their April issue of the magazine our BfR Pro ARMS was put to the test and received 4.5/6 stars.

English version of the review

"Occlusion training is a new trend in the strength training world. Many are using knee wraps for this training method, but the special occlusion bands here are clearly a more practical choice. Plastic buckle, velcro closing, and anti-slip material make it super easy to strap on, close it and tighten it. Except for the edges of the velcro which can be a little sharp then they are comfortable during training. It is nice that the whole band is sitting close to the arm, and with a width of just 3 cm, you avoid that the band is disturbingly hitting the muscle when for example you are doing biceps curls."



"A simple and relatively cheap solution for occlusion training. The straps are easy to handle, and you get without problems the pressure that you want to be applied"

The product received 4.5 stars out of 6, which means that it’s a really good product according to their ranking system. 

Below is the original review in Danish:

 Danish Review Original

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Lars Thorn
Lars Thorn


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